Hermit's Cove: Serene Hidden Beach in Aloguinsan, Cebu

Hermit's Cove beach from the stairs

Cebu Province is blessed with both luxuries from city life to its beautiful scenery and white beaches. Wondering where to go next?  Why not try the Hermit's Cove in Aloguinsan, Cebu

Why is it called "Hermit Cove"? When you arrive at the destination, you will understand why. The place is a remote area, the journey there might be a little bit long and difficult but totally worth it.  According to locals, a hermit used to live on this beach a hundred years ago, surviving all the challenges of both the ocean and the mountains.

Most of the locals are fisherfolks who rely on the bounty of the ocean to live. Taking care of the place is another source of income for some. You'll definitely love it here, like a hermit crab who lives alone, you will feel sheltered here, just you and nature. 

Remote & Secluded Beach Vibe

The area is not yet developed or people there like it that way to preserve the history of the place. There are no restaurants and recreational activities like other beach destinations. So expect a laid-back, off-the-grid experience especially if you're lucky enough to visit on a weekday and there's no other guest but you to enjoy the wholeness of the place. 

Hermit's Cove stair entrance
Entrance going down to the Cove.

The travel going to the location from Aloguinsan proper might get a little rough in whatever vehicle you are in. You'll be going into narrow, uncemented rough roads and this becomes worse if it rained the day before or during your trip. But if you're into adventure, this trip might be something fun.

Beach view of Hermit's Cove on the stairs
View of the beach from the stairs going down the cove.

There are grillers inset in every cottage which you can cook your freshly brought seafood from the locals at a very reasonable price or you can bring your own food, but I suggest you buy it from Aloguinsan local market instead of bringing everything from the city. It's a long trip and you don't want to exhaust yourself just by the journey alone. 

Nipa cottages in Hertmit's Cove beach
Beachfront bamboo cottages.

If you're the typical party-going tourist, you won't like the rules imposed in the area. Unnecessary noise is prohibited and definitely no karaoke. No alcoholic drinks are allowed in the vicinity and no camping is allowed on the beach. This might be a little drawback but this helps preserve the serenity of the area and easier management when it comes to waste. 

I know it's a little letdown but we all want to enjoy some good place and the beauty of nature so just be a responsible Biyahero and everything will be fine!

Hermit's Cove beach view
Hermit's Cove beach.

We came in early for an early morning dip on the beach to experience it with less crowd and it was magnificent! The place is breathtaking and you can really enjoy nature with its instagramable scenery. 

The Biyahero Jai on Hermit's Cove beach
Just me and the beach.

A trip with discoveries of this mysterious place and feeling nature is totally a travel to ponder. That pretty much concludes this trip Biyaheros! I'll get in touch with you on my next trip.


Bus fare: ₱80 (not airconditioned bus)
Habal2x fare: ₱60 (from Aluguinsan proper)
Entrance fee: ₱100 (includes the use of cottage)
Open hours: 7AM - 5PM

Note: Staying overnight in the area is prohibited. 


LOCATION:  Brgy. Kantabogon, Aloguinsan, Cebu

BY BUS:  From Cebu City, take a bus bound for Aloguinsan in the Cebu South Bus Terminal. Get off from the bus in Aloguinsan gymnasium and from there take a habal-habal going to the cove. The bus ride may take 2-3 hours depending on the traffic and habal-habal ride takes 45 minutes to an hour. 

BY CAR:  Just search "Hermit's Cove, Aloguinsan, Cebu" in Waze or Google Maps. I suggest you check first your car or vehicle if it's up for a long rough ride to avoid accidents on the road. There are few available parking spaces for a 4-wheel drive in the entrance on a first come first serve basis.

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