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Pleasant Experience in El Kargador Music & Resto Bar at San Fernando, Cebu

This new place became famous by word of mouth. It really became popular not only to the people in the southern part of Cebu but to people in the Northern part too, who wants to try out some new place in the south.

At the play ground viewing the pool and the fountain.

El Largador Music and Resto Bar base on my observation, is not really a big place so it gets crowded most of the time. Same goes with the pool too and not very suitable for grown-ups because the depth in my estimation is 4 to 5 feet only.

But that's not what the place is being popular about. There's a lot more that covers up the little imperfection you can observe in the place.

Music lounges are available for rent for music lovers and wet disco is being organized for those who are staying overnight. What makes this place known is it's being a kid friendly place. It's like designed intentionally for kids. Most of the guests are families having their kids to enjoy the kiddies pool that has a fountain on it adding excitement on the faces of the kids.

El Kargador sometimes held activities like the beauty pageant just recently adding to the popularity of the place.

Contact Numbers:   488-9544 | 0999-698-5669

Birds eye view of El Kargador Music and Resto Bar

Cottages near the gate.

Somewhere at the corner shot viewing the pool.

Another shot somewhere at the pool.

A shot at the end of the cottages, just having fun getting photos!

The space at the center of the place, this is good for some night activities.

Rates & Expenses
Entrance:   Php10.00/pax
Pool:   Php50.00 (Adult), Php30.00(Children)
Tables:   Php250.00 (w/ 5 chairs)
Cottages:   Php500.00 (small cottage) ~ Php1,800.00 (big w/ karaoke)
Rooms:   Php800.00/night (aircon)


  1. How to get there in el Salvador San Fernando...tnx

  2. Do u have a reservation hir???


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