Cancalanog Falls and River: A Sweet Little Spot in Alegria, Cebu

The Biyahero Jai on Cancalanog Falls natural pool

Cancalanog Falls or Cangcalanog River to be accurate is part of the river system in Alegria, Cebu that stretches all the way and connects to the river system of Kawasan Falls. It's a small-scale river with distinctive man-made and natural mini-falls along with a circular basin. This is a sweet little spot in Alegria, Cebu!

Cancalanog Falls is also known by locals as Cangcalanog Falls or Cangkalanog Falls. In fact, maps and GPS services show Cangkalanog Falls when searching this spot and the information center in the location indicates Cangcalanog Falls. These names may vary slightly from one another but be aware that it refers to the same spot.

Nature at It's Best

Located in the mountainous part of Alegria, Cangcalanog Falls showcases the best of nature. Fresh and clean air, trees covering the mountains, and cold running water to sustain life. A nice place to escape the hassle of living in the city and unwind!

The Biyahero Jai just above the Cancalanog Falls source
Insta worthy spot! Let's strike a pose!

Cancalanog Falls guest receiving area view
Receiving area in Calcalanog Falls in the background.

Still Remains Off the Beaten Path 

In the previous years, Cancalanog Falls in Alegia, Cebu gained popularity among local and foreign tourists. Even so, the spot remains serene and less crowded compared to other spots in the area like the Kawasan Falls. Its location might be a factor but it's just amazing to be in such a wonderful place and enjoy it with less crowd around or none at all.

Cancalanog Falls basin.
Enjoying the cold water in Cancalanog Falls.

When we arrived in the area, only two foreign visitors were enjoying swimming in the cold water and a few minutes later they left. Then, we had the whole place for ourselves to enjoy. It's just great!

The Biyahero Jai posing in front of Cancalanog Falls
Another pose in this sweet little spot in Alegria, Cebu.

How's that for a long-bus-ride-southside-Cebu day trip? Do you like the place? Let me know in the comment section below! Till the next day trip Biyaheros!

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Bus fare: ₱203 (air-conditioned bus)
Habal2x fare: ₱100 / way
Entrance fee: ₱50
Life vest: ₱50

Note: If you are commuting, taking a habal2x ride from the highway going to the spot is your only option and the driver will wait at the entrance until you're done. Giving them a tip for waiting and driving for you safely would be nice!


LOCATION:  Brgy. Compostela, Alegria, Cebu

BY BUS:  From Cebu City, take a Barili route bus in Cebu South Bus Terminal. The bus ride may take 3-4 hours depending on the traffic, I suggest you start the trip early in the morning to avoid traffic. Drop off at Sangi and from there you will have to take a 30-45 minutes habal-habal ride going to the Falls.

BY CAR:  Just search "Cangkalanog Falls, Alegria, Cebu" in Waze or Google Maps. Do note that the spot is a few kilometers from the main road in the area and only accessible by motorcycle. No available parking space for 4-wheel drive.

The rates, contact details and other information indicated in this post are accurate from the time of writing but may change without's notice. Should you know any updated information regarding this post, please message us on Facebook.

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