Mt. Naupa Climb and Camp: A Scenic Mountain Peak in City of Naga, Cebu

Mt. Naupa sunset view with the tent

Most people are thinking of escaping their busy and hurried everyday routine, away from stress and headaches, work deadlines, and reports. Most of these people end up relaxing on a beautiful beach with a scenic view of the sea in front or splashing and enjoying a cold dip in a waterfall.

And as for me, I want to do something else, something that's out of my usual getaway and travels. Then I remember a friend talking about Mt. Naupa in City of Naga, Cebu, and invited me to overnight camping there. That sounds to be a good idea to realize. Never tried overnight camping on a summit before. This was my first!

The Trek Up Mt. Naupa

The drop-off for the trek up Mt. Naupa is in Cogon Chapel in Brgy. Cogon in the City of Naga. Local guides and porters are on standby in the area waiting for visitors. If you've been there or someone in the group knows the trail, I think it's not mandatory to hire a guide. Though, you might want to get a porter to lighten up your load during the trek.

Drop off point in front of the chapel
Drop off point, Cogon Chapel.

The hike going to the campsite is a good 45 minutes to 1-hour easy trek. Just a couple of minor slopes and no major ascends. A bit rocky in some areas but it's an easy hike overall!

Under the mango trees trek up Mt. Naupa
 Hiking under mango trees halfway in the trail.

Short rest under a mango tree
Taking a short break after hiking for a little more than 30 minutes.

View of the surrounding while trekking Mt. Naupa
A scenery was taken in one of the short breaks. Beautiful!

The hardest part during the hike is the last 100 meters where you can feel the exhaustion getting into you while hiking up a slope. But no worries, the view at the top is jaw-dropping you will forget you are catching you're breathing. That statement is a bit exaggerating to hear for seasoned climbers but it is jaw-dropping for first-timers like me. Haha!

Entrance checkpoint in Mt. Naupa
Guest registration area. The entrance fee will payed here!

Beautiful Sunset On The Summit

Our group arrived at the campsite just before sundown and we were greeted by a beautiful sunset. Drenched in sweat with cool air blowing all over your body, the feeling was very satisfying! 

The Biyahero with friends with the sunset on background
Group pic for the first-timer climbers!

After the short photo op, we then set up our tents. What we had that time were beach tents which are basically not good for camping in mountains. The good thing is the weather was fine with no chances of raining in the evening. Though the cold environment and the cold air at night are a bit tough for a beach tent to handle. It really was chilly! 

The Biyahro Jai and Jane pose for a sunset shot
Chillin' before sundown!

A man flying a kite during sunset
A fellow camper flying his kite, or his son's kite?

Cloudy Sunrise & A Chilly Morning

Woke up early to see the sunrise and the morning was very cold. It was a cloudy morning so we only had a little glimpse of the rising sun. Though it pierces through the cloud openings hitting the ground from time to time. 

We then started our descend back to Cogon Chapel around 7:30am and head home!

Cloudy sunrise in Mt. Naupa
The view of the campsite on top of the hill opposite Mt. Naupa Peak.

Cloudy sunrise in Mt. Naupa
A cloudy morning sun!


BY JEEPNEY:  From Cebu City, take a jeepney going Basak. From Basak, take a jeepney with a route Minglanilla-Naga and inform the driver to drop you off the crossing just before the Boys Town in Minglanilla. Look for a habal2x that will take you to the Cogon chapel near the bakery in the crossing.

BY CAR:  Just search "Cogon Chapel, Naga, Cebu" in Waze or Google Maps. Parking space is available in front of the Cogon Chapel.

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