Push Your Extremes at Danasan Eco Adventure Park

Biyahero Jane posing in Danasan Eco Adventure Park signage

Situated in a secluded part of Danao City, Cebu is a place that's built for the sole purpose of satisfying one's adventurous side. Danasan Eco Adventure Park had been a hot topic for adventure seekers like ourselves, well considering you're one of us. I'm a self-proclaimed adventurous guy! Haha!

Anyway, we've gone to the place to check out their outdoor adventure activities, but I was surprised that even the travel going there is also one heck of an adventure. Traversing mountains while going up and down a narrow road with the cliff on the other side is such kind of an adventure but the best part is you've got to experience nature at its best. No pollution, no noises from vehicles, and definitely no crowded people.

Sky Biking

A 200-meter-long cable bike. This may seem to look easy but when you're actually doing it, surely it's scary. Especially if the wind suddenly blows when you're pedaling right in the middle part of the cable. If you're somewhat afraid of heights, I won't suggest this activity even if there's a safety harness and all to secure you in the cable because once you're up there, you'll definitely have a knee-shaking experience. 

Biyahero Jai and Jane on Skybike

GO Karting

This is not our first of this activity, we've tried the Go Kartzone track in Mabolo, Cebu so maneuvering the kart is somewhat easy but what's new is the dirt track in Danasan Eco Adventure Park. Below photo looks fresh overall but after an 8-lap race on the dirt track, thick dust is already forming on our face and body. Haha

Biyahero Jai and Jane posing before start of GO Karting

Nevertheless, the activity was fun. Specially if you're the competitive one. 

Biyahero Jai and Jane GO Karting


I was excited to try out their wakeboarding facility. It's said to be the first wakeboarding facility in Cebu. I'm a newbie in the sport but I've tried wakeboarding before in Papa Kits in Lilo-an, Cebu. It was my first time and it was totally a nice experience. But the wakeboarding facility there is a bit short in range, was crowded at that time, and not so budget-friendly.

Biyahero Jai trying wakeboarding

The wakeboarding experience in Danasan Eco Adventure Park was totally awesome. The fee was almost less than half the fee in Papa Kits and we were given 2 hours to enjoy the activity. The most awesome part is that we've had the facility for ourselves only that time. All muscles were aching around my body but the muscle-aching activity was worth it. I will definitely go back and wear out my muscles more. Hahaha

That pretty much concludes this trip Biyaheros! I'll get in touch with you on my next trip.


LOCATION:  Brgy. Danasan, Danao, Cebu

BY BUS/HABAL-HABAL:  From Cebu City, take a PUJ/bus bound for Danao in the Cebu North Bus Terminal. Get off from the bus in Danao proper and from there take a habal-habal going to Danasan. The bus ride may take an hour or so, depending on the traffic and habal-habal ride takes another hour. 

BY CAR:  Just search "Danasan Eco Adventure Park" in Waze or Google Maps. I suggest you check first your car or vehicle if it's up for a long ride to avoid hassle and accidents on the road. Parking space is available in the area.

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