Hidden Valley Mountain Resort at Pinamungajan, Cebu

We're in the middle of March and the weather is getting warm. This is a sign that summer is approaching. Yeah, summer and I know what you are thinking! Beach? Pool? Spring? Falls? Getting somewhere to subjugate the getting-hotter-each-day weather?

Well, yes! Thinking about getting wet under the sun gets me excited. The sun-tanned body is in!

I've had TFNSummer2k15 kick-off last Saturday in Hidden Valley Mountain Resort in Lamac, Pinamungajan, Cebu. It's a very secluded resort that you need to travel 20-30 minutes in a motorcycle for hire (habal-habal) going up and down mountains. But I'm sure you will like the experience!

We arrived in Hidden Valley Mountain Resort around 4 o'clock in the afternoon with no booked reservation. We're not able to get a reservation because the communication system in the resort is weak. The signal is on and off so we can't get in their line for a reservation. So we tried our luck going there without any reservation ahead.

The lady in the reception smiled at us as we step inside and directly ask if we had a reservation then said sorry cause the resort is already fully booked. I actually hoped for one vacant room because if there's none we'd be heading back home at dark sorry for the time and effort wasted and what the lady said came to me like a bomb.

Okay! We don't have a reservation, there's no vacant room, there's nothing left to do, it'll get dark in an hour or two so we're really going home. Another lady came then ask about the situation, later we knew that she's the wife of the chairman of Lamac Cooperative managing the resort. She offered their rest house to us for Php3,000. Yes, we're not going home! It's actually a nice bargain, the house is in the middle of the resort and the wave pool facility.

Below are some photos of the wave pool facility in Hidden Valley Mountain Resort. The facility opens from 7AM till 10PM. The wave is activated for 30 minutes then stops for 30 minutes. Basically for 30 minutes intervals as I observed it if I'm not mistaken.

A friendly reminder of the resort management for their guests and visitors. Love this line, " We don't swim in your toilet so please don't pee in our pool." Well said!

A variety of cottages are available in the wave pool area. This is to cater to the needs of the resort guests and visitors.

The below photos are not just architectural design. These are available rooms inside the wave pool facility. They have 3 available rooms up to date, the squash, the melon, and watermelon room. Accommodating 4 to 6 pax for Php3,500 overnight.

The resort garden has a food street, caters to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And once a week holds an acoustic live band to entertain the guests every Saturday night.

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