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Simple & Rich Molocaboc Island at Sagay City, Negros Occidental

I just remembered this island that we stayed in when we visited Carbin Reef in Negros Occidental. I saw again the photos of that escapade last summer and I realize that Molocaboc Island is a beauty of nature rich in marine resources.

Walkway connecting Molocaboc Island's Daku and Diot.

So now I'm having this post featuring Molocaboc Island in Sagay City, Negros Occidental. I know it's a little late but anyway it's still a good share. Enjoy the post!

To reach the island we ride a motor banca from Vito port. It's a 20 to 30 minutes ride and takes longer depending on the weather.

The weather at that time is so unpredictable. When we're in the port, the sun was up and the blow of wind is normal, a great day easily said but when we're halfway to Molocaboc Island, the weather suddenly changes strong wind, the rain starts pouring and worst, the big waves are utterly scary. Though I enjoyed the ride, hahaha!

On Vito port waiting for our ride to Molocaboc Island.

A nice experience, pushing the motor banca using bamboo in shallow water. It's hard at first but maneuvering the motor banca where you want it to go is challenging.

Doing this ain't easy you know! ^^

Just how rich this island in marine resources? Surrounding the island is a marine sanctuary and is well maintained. The photos below are some I've got on the shore and the shells we've bought there. And it's cheap!

A spikey type of sea urchins, very dangerous!

A variety of sea urchins that's not poisonous.

A thick mangrove area surrounds the island that shielded the residents of the island from the devastating super typhoon Yolanda last year, causing only minimal damages.

These thick mangroves shielded the island from super typhoon Yolanda.

Molocaboc island is divided into two, Daku and Diot. Connecting these two islets is a concrete walkway that enables residence to cross both islands on foot. Though some part of the walkway was damaged by typhoon Yolanda.

Last shot. Jump shot! Wew!

That would be all for this post. Hope you've enjoyed it. Thanks for dropping by!

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  1. Nice one :) I am now inspired to try travel blog this time. :)

    1. That will be a good decision Cath. Travels and new experiences are so worth it. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. wow.. didn't know nga you're into blogging pod diay.. clap clap

    1. hahaha .. been blogging since college Dave .. hilum2x lang bah. ^^

  3. where did you stay in molocaboc island?

    1. I have a friend from the island and I stayed in their place. The island has no resort or a place to stay overnight not unless you know someone living there.


    1. You're welcome! I had a great time there and Im definitely coming back. Thanks for dropping by!

  5. Thank for featuring my birthplace in your blog. Soon some people will had an interest to go visit our place.


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