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Picture Perfect Mantayupan Waterfalls in Barili, Cebu

It's a weekend travel down south of Cebu. Summer is fast approaching and I'm starting to think of some places to cool down. This time I'm going to try out a refreshing cold water in Mantayupan Falls in Barili, Cebu.

It's actually a little backpacking adventure with Jane. We planned to be in Barili, Cebu early in the morning so that we can go head back to the city early in the afternoon.

Had  our bus ride going Barili around six o'clock in the morning. With approximately 3 hours travel time, expected arrival in the town will be around nine o'clock. The weather was not so good early that day. It's a bit cloudy and a big chance of having rain shower anytime.

We arrived pass nice o'clock and with no pure luck, rain shower started to pour as we rode a habal-habal (motorcycle for hire) going to Mantayupan Waterfalls. As we are approaching the place, the rain shower stopped and later the sun rays started to come out from the clouds. No drama. it's actually what happened. Hahah, lucky us!

The basin in the lower part of the waterfalls.
You'll pass a small basin while trekking up the main drop with several mini waterfalls pouring in. I was wondering why these drops are so small thinking the main is one big of a drop. I had my answer when we reach the main drop. They've created a waterway in the left side and obstructing the water flow on the right going to the mini waterfalls. Question answered!

That big drop of the waterfalls won't get me wet! Lol.
On the main drop of Mantayupan Waterfalls is a rocky surface with nothing but rocks (ano daw? hahah). I mean that there's no cottages or some sort of a built shades for the visitors. If you planned on staying there for awhile, you'll have to rent table and chairs. And don't forget the umbrella for sun or rain protection. Had my umbrella in the above photo.

Okay, I had problems maneuvering here but this girl is having her moment for a photo shot.
The water is refreshingly cold, I mean so cold. I was not expecting to go swimming on an iced water. I think exaggerating already, hahaha. I suggest you try it for yourself and tell me if we have the same feeling.

Bamboo rafting is another activity you can do in Mantayupan Waterfalls. Go push yourself against the water current and go nearer the drop but I tell you, it's not an easy as you think. I had so much of difficulties maneuvering the bamboo raft against the water current but so much fun thing to do.

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