Wandering in Riverstone Castle at Argao, Cebu

Riverstone Castle is situated in a strategic location away from the main road and into the steep areas of Argao to ensure a commune with nature. The castle resort was formed in April year 2002 by the Galeos Brothers, Edgar & Edsel. It was first developed as a family children's park and then the family agreed to have it develop into an ecotourism industry. Now, Argao has a lavishly tropical castle resort.

A little castle in the South, Argao, Cebu

We were in Argao for the celebration of an officemate's birthday last March 1, 2014. We're supposed to head back to Cebu City early afternoon but we decided to have a stroll in one of Argao's destinations, the Riverstone Castle. Have been to Argao a lot of time but haven't visited the place even once. This time I've got to see a real castle that I only see on television when watching cartoons when I was a kid. The castle is for recreation only and it's not that huge and beautiful but nevertheless it's still a castle, LOL.

As I have mentioned, Riverstone Castle is a place for recreation, inside you can do sightseeing in the interior of the castle and watch different animals like monkeys, crocodiles, rabbits, and a variety of birds. They also have a pool for those who love to swim but it's not that big. And if you'd like to stay overnight in the place, they also have rooms available that are good for two and for groups.

Way to the entrance of the castle.

Me at the entrance.

Rooms to stay.

Terrace of the cafeteria. 

A little advertisement here! Heheh!

The underground bar. 

The drawbridge.

Thanks to this couple. Al and Ruth.

The view in the pool area.

The sweet couple and a good company.

Getting there:

From the South Bus Terminal, take a bus with a route plate "Bato, Oslob". Get off Poblacion, Argao, Cebu and take a public tricycle and ask the driver to drop you off in Riverstone Castle Resort. No worries, what you need is a little talking only and you'll be at the place. ^^

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