Sidetracking in Lambug Beach at Badian, Cebu

Lambug Beach in Badian, Cebu is another popular public beach I the southern part of Cebu. Unlike Tingko Beach at Alcoy, Lambug Beach has no rocky part or stony steps when you're in the water. The sand is so fine that it feels so soft underwater. It also has a long stretch of the sandbar and the view of the horizon is simply breathtaking.

The long stretch of white sand with kids enjoying it.

The sidetracking I made in Lambug Beach is one of the first in my travels. I was actually alone in exploring this very nice place, walking in the fine sand while watching the clear blue sky in the middle of the afternoon. Putting my backpack in the sand and rushing to the sea to swim and still eyeing my things on the sand. It's all a new feeling to me and I so love it (nyahahah, ^^).

If you've been to Tingko Beach and you love the place. I'll bet you'll love Lambug Beach at Badian more.

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