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Canigao Island Escapade at Matalom, Leyte

Canigao Island is located in Matalom, Leyte. It has abundant fishing grounds and untouched coral reef in the surrounding waters making the area suitable for snorkel and diving. The beaches have fine white sand very great for beach volleyball, Frisbee and other beach activity.

The white sand of Canigao Island.
Originally, the group's plan is to have an overnight stay in Camotes Island or a whole day adventure at Danao Eco Adventure Park. But it turned out to be an out of province excursion to Leyte when someone suggested Canigao Island.

I've heard of this island before and I remember I've researched the net of info's about it. The island is beautiful and clean as I've seen in the photos Google have provided me. I definitely don't have plan to visit the place this year, not until the suggestion came. It's a great opportunity raised by one of colleagues from Leyte. We will be staying in her grandmother's place in Bontoc, Leyte before going to the island.

From Cebu, we traveled almost 8 hours going to Bontoc, Leyte. More than 6 hours by sea and an hour by land. We boarded a ship going to Hilongos, Leyte around 9:00pm of June 6, 2014 and arrived in the port of Hilongos fifteen minutes pass 3:00am of June 7. Not wasting any time because most of us are sleepy still from the sea travel, we boarded a bus going to Bontoc and arrived in Gaya's grandmother's house almost 5:00am. The girls directly gone to sleep and us guys played cards until the breaking of dawn.

Preparation we're made at 8:00am for our overnight stay at Canigao Island. Bought ingredients for the food, cook some for lunch in the island. Packed the drinks (this includes the ilimnung makahubog, liquor in English), marinated pork and chicken for BBQ, spices and other things. We've finished the preparation around 11:00am. Our ride from Bontoc going to Matalom, Leyte was waiting until we're packed and ready to go.

After 1 hour of travel going to Matalom, we're already excited to board the motor banca, we payed 100 pesos for the motor banca ride and entrance fee in the island. And note, the motor banca ride is back and forth (I know it's cheap) inclusion of that 100 pesos fee. Below is a nice shot of the bamboo foot bridge, our way going to the motor banca.

Bamboo foot bridge going to the motor banca ride to Canigao Island.

Travel time going to Canigao Island from Matalom Port is 15 to 20 minutes. We arrivde in the the island around 1:00pm. A very tiring trip for sleepless travelers like us but it's worth the time and energy because the island is such a paradise.

Entry signage on the island.

Gray clouds forming as we got off the motor banca.

The left side of the island with the cottages.

The right side of the island, looking great!

It's just me looking to such a great wonder.

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