Splendid Holiday Spent in Villa Teresita Resort at Talisay City, Cebu

Eidul Fitr is the end of a long religious activity of Muslims (Ramadan) and this would mean a day break from work and school for non-Muslims because the day where it would fall is always declared as a Regular Holiday. And for this year, it is on August 9, 2013, Friday. This would be a long weekend for those who don't have work and classes on Saturdays. Just like me! Outing time!

The plan for the outing is supposedly in Tubod Flowing Water Resort at Minglanilla, Cebu but unfortunately, the place was reserved and made exclusive for a group of Koreans on that day. So we decided to have it at Villa Teresita Resort at Talisay City, Cebu.

This is actually what I don't like in a not-so-well-prepared plan of an outing and the unavailability of the place. That would mean extra expenses and time consumed. But it's okay, it happened already. Now we are going to destination B.

A great view of the 4-floor high slide on the second pool.

Villa Teresita Resort is specifically located at Biasong, Talisay City, Cebu. It is well known among Cebuanos because of its affordable rates for such a great place. The entrance fee for only 90 pesos and you can get a cottage that ranges from 350 pesos to 400 pesos only.

Aside from the place which I really like, I also like how they manage the place. They are very strict when it comes to pool attire and always on guard for the safety of their guests.

A view of the fountain in the center of the pool with the slide as a background.

Little bridge in between the kiddie and the big pool in the second pool area.

A wide view of the second pool area.

New establishment of the place, I think rooms for rent.

Just another shot at the second pool area.

Afternoon shoot at the second pool.

Another dim shot at the second pool.

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Entrance fee: 90 pesos for adults / 45 pesos for children below 10 y.o. if not mistaken
Cottage: 350 - 400 pesos
Corkage fee: 5 pesos per bottle (soft drinks & liquor)


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