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Astounding View of Kawasan Falls at Badian, Cebu

I read a lot of articles and blogs that talk about the beauty of Kawasan Falls in Badian, Cebu. I even heard a thing like it’s over developed and that the developments in the place ruin its natural beauty. Amazed by the photos I see of the falls makes me want to go visit it. I think I was still in college when I first planned in going to the place but I lack time and money for that little plan. So sad! T_T

Now that I already have work, I can have a little part of my salary for my trips. And one of the destinations for this year is Kawasan Falls. It’s actually #1 in my Destination Bucketlist of 2013.  I got one down in that list. I will update it later after this post.

The trip was planned 3 weeks before the actual date. Our original plan was to spend the day in Kawasan Falls and we’re going to have an overnight stay at World Big 4 resort and then go home the following day. But the calculated budget is way beyond what we can afford because the room accommodation rate at the resort is higher than what is expected. So we decided to have a one day trip only to Kawasan Falls.

Meet up place is outside 7/11 convenient store just in front of South Bus Terminal. Agreed time of meet up is 5:30am and if ever somebody is late, he/she has to pay a hundred pesos for being late. We all signed a waiver for that 100-peso-late-fee, LOL.

The agreement sure made as very punctual, no one was late and were all set for the bus trip to Badian. We were able to board a bus that departed 6:00am. Arrived in Matutinao, Badian at around 8:30am, that’s 2 and a half hours bus trip.

Kawasan  Falls was considered to have three levels. The first fall (1st level), this is the biggest of the three falls and the deepest. The second fall (2nd level), I consider the nicest of the three with very nice setting. And the third fall which is the source (3rd level), small but has a very nice tub like settings.

To reach each of the three falls, you still have to travel by foot. That’s 1.5 kilometers from the high way to the first fall, another 1 kilometer from the first to second fall and another 1kilometer from second to third fall. Though the trek from one fall to another is a bit tiring, it’s really worth the walk and sweat when you’re already on each of the water falls. ^^

The start of the trek to the first fall. 1.5km baby!

A little hydro facility on the way to the first fall.

A cool view near the first fall.

The first fall of the infamous Kawasan Falls

The second fall of Kawasan Falls

View in the side of the second fall.
Cottages on the second fall.

Here's a little fall on the second fall area.

View of the second fall area on our way to the first fall.

A view on our way to the first fall.

Soo blue, a very clear water here. Love to swim?

Here's what is in the first fall.
If you or your group is undecided on where to permanently stop on the place, I will suggest the second fall (2nd level). The cottages there is a bit bigger very suitable for groups compared to the tables in the first fall. The setting on the second fall is also better than the first and third fall. The depth of the water is just right. If you’re planning to have an overnight stay, they also have available rooms there for rent. If it’s just a day trip, you better be early so that you can have the whole place before other visitors arrive. And lastly, be ready for the ice cold like water. Even if it’s in the middle of the day when the sun is on peak, the water never warms. That’s I love the most.


Bus: 119 pesos (South Bus Terminal to Matutinao, Badian)
Cottage: 300 pesos
Bamboo raft: 300 pesos
Life Jacket: 50 pesos


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