Discover the Simplicity of Igutan Cave at Talisay City, Cebu

There's not much to expect when it comes to nature destinations in Talisay City but there's one simple place in Jaclupan, Talisay City that I like, the Igutan Cave. It's not really a known place that's why I like it. Less people, less noise and I can surely enjoy the beauty of nature. Another thing I like about the cave is the falls on the innermost part of it.

The Igutan Cave is just small with narrow passageways. There are even some areas of the cave that are narrow; you have to crawl to be able to pass through. Estimated distance from the entrance of the cave to its innermost part I think is in between 100 to 200 meters. The path going to the innermost part of the cave may not be that far but the challenge there is how you go through the narrow rocky part of it. And the effort of passing those narrow areas of the cave will be ease when you get to the falls.

I was once there before but I haven't started this blog then and I want to feature it here so i planned a little trip in going there again to have some photos of the place and show everyone the simplicity of the cave and the place.

I also discovered in my second visit a chapel up in the hill just in front of the cave. To reach the chapel, you have to climb a 265 step stairs up the hill. It's another challenge to visitors.

My chance of fame, pose jud.

Summer is so hot the river dried.

A shot of nature on the way.

The rocky side of the place.

Igotan cave's outside area.

The entrance of the cave, creepy!

Narrow passageway inside the cave.

Now how are you going pass that rocky part?

The water is cold, you can feel it running in your feet.

The furthest part of the cave where the falls are located.

Up above this long stairway.

A chapel on top of the hill climbs up the 265 steps of stairs.

Look what we got in climbing the 265 steps stairs. Beautiful!

Getting There:

How to get to Igutan Cave?
 Let's just assume you're familiar with Talisay, it's a pretty near place. From the flyover of Tabunok, walk a little bit going to Lagtang until you reach the Rose Pharmacy. Just in front of the pharmacy are habal-habal drivers waiting for passengers. Ask any of them to bring you the place. All of the drivers there know where the cave is so you won't be having any problem.

From where the habal-habal driver dropped you off, you still have a little trek going to the cave. You will be passing the metal footbridge on your way. When you see the bridge, you are near the cave, ask a resident the way to the cave.


Habal-habal: 10 pesos
Gate Entrance: 5 pesos
Cave Entrance: 25 pesos


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  1. sir ask lang ta ko if asa na agion ang chapel? kay this sunday where planning to go to igutan....gusto pud mi moadto sa chapel......please reply.....thanks

    1. Hello!
      There's a stairway going up to the chapel from the entrance of the cave. At the right side. Don't worry makita rajud nah ninyo if naa namu didto. Happy laag2x! ^^

  2. Hey!! Do you really need to pass those cave rocks inside to see the falls ? Please reply where going there this Sunday

    1. Yes Aubrey, it's the only way you can reach the waterfalls inside.

  3. I am very interested to go there. I'd like to go the waterfalls and I wonder how it looks like. Do you know when is the best time to visit the cave and waterfalls?

    1. Better if you go there in the morning and on a clear days with no sign of raining.