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Simple Mahayahay Beach at Argao, Cebu

May 1 is Labor Day, a day off of work and a day to spend to a little adventure instead of staying at home and got nothing to do. I planned to spend the day off of work in a trip to Argao, Cebu. My second summer shindig of 2013. Great!

The trip was planned by me together with 2 of my officemates and 1 of them is from Argao. We also invited our other officemates and 4 confirmed that they're coming with us. The more the merrier, so I also invited my girlfriend to come with us.

We agreed to go right after work (night of April 31). Ride a bus bound for Argao but unfortunately were not able to get on a bus bound for Argao or closer towns. We're able to get on a bus bound for Dumaguete but we're on a standing position because there's no vacant seat. It's okay, Argao is more or less 1 and a half hour travel only, LOL

We arrived at Al's house in Argao around 8PM then we had our dinner right away (thanks for those who prepared the dinner!). Then we had our tagay session right after the dinner with matching videoke. We have to rest early because we're going to Mahayahay Beach early in the morning for a swim so we rested around 2AM in the morning (early isn't it, hahahah).

I was up with the rest of the group around 5:30AM. At least we we're able to wake up that early after a very late rest the previous day. We we're already at Mahayahay Beach around 6AM. Very right for some sunrise pictorials.

Kaanindot jud sa sunrise. LOL.

Mahayahay Beach shore.

Beach cottages.

Clear as in clear water. Basta tin.aw jud.

Early bird gets the worm este fisherman di ay ni xa.^^

Mahayahay Beach view.
Locals helping each other pull the net.

Here's what the net got.

Fresh caught fish and other sea creatures.

Many thanks to Al, Ruth and their daughter Zaphyra for the accommodation and for the food also. Al decided it's their treat to us. Thank you for the Mahayahay Beach experience also!

Getting There:

Ride a bus bound for Argao or towns beyond Argao at Cebu South Bus Terminal. That would be more or less 1 and a half hour travel. The place is located at Looc, Poblacion, Argao, Cebu. Just tell the fare collector to drop you off at the first bus stop in Argao and ride a tricycle going to Mahayahay Beach.


Bus: 80 pesos (aircon bus)
Tricycle: 7 pesos
Entrance: no entrance fee
cottage: 150~500 pesos


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