Soothing Atmosphere of Obong Spring at Dalaguete, Cebu

I heard about Obong Spring from one of my office mates. We are talking about someplace to swim somewhere south of Cebu but not the beach. Just for a change, something fresh like waterfalls or spring. Then someone suggested we try a spring in Dalaguete, Cebu. The water in the spring is not that fresh because it is directly connected to the sea but my office mate assured me that we will love and enjoy the soothing atmosphere of the spring.

Obong Spring at Dalaguete, Cebu

I've visited Obong Spring after my first ever trekking experience in OsmeƱa Peak. That was the afternoon of 22 Feb '14 after having lunch in the seaside eatery in Poblacion, Dalaguete. We rode a tricycle from Poblacion to Obong, Dalaguete where the spring is situated. The place is a bit crowded at that time because it's a Saturday. Decided not to have a swim because I have to hurry back to the city and I'm a bit tired.

I was able to go back and experience swimming in the crystal clear water of Obong Spring the following Saturday, 01 Mar '14. Thanks to an office mate who invited me to have an overnight stay in their place in Argao, Cebu because it was his birthday on 27 Feb '14. We had a little celebration, eat a bit more and have a night drink with great people. The plan was to have a nice cold swim in the spring in the morning, the day after his birthday.

We arrived in Obong Spring around 7AM and I was awed by the morning scenery of the spring. Crystal clear water with a background of nature's greeneries and that big old Dalakit tree in the spring makes the picture-perfect. I did take a lot of photos of the place; you can see selected shots below (don't mind the photos with me in it, ^_^). After the photoshoot of the place, I hurried into the water and it's really cold but I enjoyed it.

The view above the Dalakit tree.

Another shot from above the spring.

Tempting crystal clear water in the morning.

A wide view of the area of the spring.

Another shot of the rocky portion of the spring and the Dalakit tree.

Stolen or not? I don't really know. ^^

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  1. thank you for sharing this one. will certainly add obong spring to my travels. more power always ;-)