Rainforest Park & Go Kart Zone Experience in Mabolo, Cebu City

Last week, I had a little adventure in Mabolo, Cebu City. It's a Saturday and no work so I decided to make the best out of the day.

I have this odd feeling of "doing something and going somewhere" on the day but I'm not sure what and where. I'm really getting strange sometimes, haha! Well, to aid that odd feeling, I've thought of an activity I'd like to try and a place I want to visit in the same place, and Mabolo popped up in my mind. I remembered this old plan of going to Rainforest Park and try out Go Kart Zone which is at the same place, in Panagdait, Mabolo. Great!

Karts in line waiting for their drivers. ^^

I invited Jane, my travel partner in Badian escapade the previous week if you've checked my previous post. She's up to such activities also but there is a little problem for her, she will be baby setting her niblings on that day. I don't really mind if there are kids around so I told her to bring the kids with her.

And talking about the kids, they're cute, crazy, funny, and chubby kids. Look how healthy they are in the photo below. Ooops! Did I say healthy? I think it's the wrong word, hahaha! Peace Bai Janus and Ate Sheena!

One serious and one funny-looking kid. Hahaha!

The Rainforest Park Cebu is located at Panagda-it, Mabolo just in front of CIE International School and beside the old Paseo. We arrive in Park around 2:00PM. After paying the entrance fee, it's time to roam this little park in Mabolo.

Bai Janus watching the little chick be eaten by the snake. 

I'm feeding the doves. The result, my hands are full of scratches.

This ostrich is kinda friendly though it looks scary in person. Hahaha.

Hey, birdie! That girl's mine. Hahaha!

We've stayed longer in the park because the kids enjoyed the swing. And Bai Janus wants to swing on the rope like Tarzan but he can't carry his body. Hahaha! Cge, Kaon pah!

These two kids are enjoying the swing.

Park signage in front. 

We've finished roaming in the park past 3:00PM. The next stop is Mabolo's Go Kart Zone. It's actually a walking distance from the park so we decided to walk going there. The Kart Zone is just at the back of the Sykes building.

The Kart zone.

Thieves! Oppps, I mean drivers.
The result, Bai Janus 1st, Ate Sheena 2nd, and me 3rd. Pagbigyan!

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  1. Hi! Can I ask the prices? Thank you!~~

    1. rental rates are at . . . . . . . . P300.00

      balaclava or head
      mask for . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .Php25.00.