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Ending Summer in Carbin Reef at Sagay City, Negros Occidental

Summer of 2014 is near it's end and rainy season will come soon. And to officially end the summer season, TFN had an out of Cebu escapade to Negros Occidental. It's a trip initiated by a colleauge who's from Sagay City, Negros Occidental for her daughter's birthday. I did a quick search about Sagay City in Google and saw a couple of blogs about Carbin Reef. It gets me interested.

Carbin Reef as we get near.

Carbin Reef in Sagay City is a marine sanctuary with a tongue-shaped, creamy white sandbar and it's clear water offers the option for swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, boating and other water activities for the visitors. A number of cottages were built at the very top of the sandbar for visitors to rent.

On the left side of the sandbar is a shallow part of the reef where the sea is calm and you can do snorkel and swim with the friendly fishes. I've enjoyed watching the colorful world under the sea and I was amazed by the number of big clams in the area. Yes, such clams that produces pearls!

While on the right side of the sandbar is the deep part of the reef and the sea current is strong so swimming there is not advisable. I've asked a local if what's in there and his answer is "Giant Clams". Clams that way bigger than what can be seen in the shallow area that even two people cannot carry. Wooohhh! I'd really like to see that but there's no chance, I have to learn diving first. Heheh!

A closer look of the sandbar.

The sand isn't that fine but you'll enjoy it, promise! ^^

Bamboo cottages atop the sandbar.

Just another shot of the cottages.

Oppss! That me, ready to swim. Tan tan tan tan!

The company. And I'm the only princess, Great!

The trip was such a great experience. I don't mind having my whole body so tanned it even burned because it's worth it.

I've grab two of Dave's photos under water. It's cool!

A messy looking sea weeds.

Crystal clear water. Great!

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