Relaxing Morning at Cambuhawe Spring Swimming Pool

Last March 9, 2013, my girlfriend and I visited a friend in Balamban, Cebu. The original plan in going there is to experience the adventure at Gaas, Balamban on March 10, 2013. Zipline and wall climbing at the highest peak in the area, on the top of Gaas mountains.

We arrived at our friend's place at around 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon. As usual, girls did their chika bonding. Well, it's been a while since they'd met with my girlfriend so basically, it's alright. And then later that afternoon we've decided to get wasted overnight (LOL, palahubog rah).

The following day, unfortunately, it rained in Gaas area, and going to the mountain would be a great risk. The road is expected to be slippery and the area to be very foggy. So the original plan of experiencing the adventures at Gaas, Balamban was put off.

We then decided to have a morning swim at Cambuhawe Spring Swimming Pool instead. To make use of the time that supposedly for the adventures at Gaas. We actually had a great time at the pool. The water is so clean and cold. So glad we did not waste our time at all in going to Balamban.

Signage and direction going to Cambuhawe Sping
PHOTO: Cambuhawe Spring Swimming Pool welcome sign

Stairs going down Cambuhawe Spring
PHOTO: Stairs going down to Cambuhawe Spring Swimming Pool

Spring pool close-up view
PHOTO: Cambuhawe Spring Swimming Pool, Balamban, Cebu

Swimming pool with the fence
PHOTO: Cambuhawe Spring Swimming Pool, Balamban, Cebu

Front view of the spring swimming pool
PHOTO: Cambuhawe Spring Swimming Pool, Balamban, Cebu

Getting There:

You can ride a tricycle or a single motorcycle (habal-habal) if there is, in going to Cambuhawe Spring Swimming Pool. Just tell the driver that you're going to Cambuhawe spring. If in case the driver doesn't know where the spring is, then just say that the way to the place is the road to the right just before the New Gaisano Mall in Balamban (from Balamban proper). It's around 5 to 6 minutes ride from Gaisano Mall.



Ride:  10-20 pesos
Entrance:  10 pesos weekdays, 20 pesos weekends, 50 at night


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  1. Are there any cottages available in the event of an overnight stay?

    1. There's no available cottage in the area She, and I won't recommend overnight stay in the place. It's kinda creepy I think at night. ^^