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Lambug Beach & Kawasan Falls Escapade in Badian, Cebu

I so love the month of August. Why? Because 3 of 5 Saturdays of the month is non-working. That means 2 days off of work including Sundays each of the 3 weeks where those non-working Saturdays to fall. And simply for me, that means TRAVEL! Hahaha!

My plan was to go somewhere south. I'd like to stay on a beach, go swimming in clear blue water, enjoy watching the sunset on the horizon and lie down in the sand in the evening and watch the stars as they shine. Enough of my fantasies!

Lambug Beach, Badian, Cebu

Anyway, Lambug Beach in Badian, Cebu was in my mind and I did go for it. But I was not alone in this little escapade, I have a travel partner this time. She's never been too far south so I've decided to add Kawasan Falls to the itinerary.

We boarded a bus around 7:45AM going Badian, Cebu. Travel time is more than 2 hours so we arrived Badian proper around 10:00AM. We have to drop by the market to buy food before our ride to the beach arrives.

Finished buying our food and some necessities around 11:00AM and headed to Lambug Beach. I do like this beach so much. Why? The reason is . . . the photos below! That's simply paradise. Who wouldn't like that scenery? I bet you too!

I so love the scenery of the place.

Some visitors walking on the beach.

Had our lunch around 1:00PM. Who prepared them? The owner of the room we rented. Yes, you can ask them to cook the food for free and with no hidden charges. But we did add 200 pesos on top of the room rent for the good service.

At 3:00PM we were on our way to Kawasan Falls. The falls still look great. This time I tried the bamboo raft to go near the falling water. I never thought it to be that fun cause I didn't try it the first time I was there.

On the raft, got a shot.

Pulling the rope going to the fall.
Had a pose as a remembrance of the place.

It's almost 6:00PM when we're back to the beach so I was expecting a great sunset but the afternoon is so cloudy so the sun cannot be seen whole. Anyway, we had a great day!

Sunset in Lambug Beach.


  1. Hi! Nice post, Jai! Did you guys rent a motorcycle when you visited Kawasan falls from Lambug beach? How much? Me and my buddy are planning to visit Lambug beach this weekend. Thanks!

    1. Hello Mich!

      In this trip we had a motorcycle for hire and asked the driver to wait till we get back for a fare of 120 pesos per head, back and forth. We came back last August and we rented a motorcycle so that we won’t be bothered on someone waiting for us. We rented it for 300 pesos from 10am-3pm. They normally give a whole day rent for 500 pesos but you can try your luck and negotiate.

      Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Hi, how far is Lambug beach from Kawasan falls? Like how many minutes from lambug beach to kawasan falls? thanks!

  3. Great blog, and nice pictures! I'd like to share too that I rented a motorcycle from book2wheel.com . Jaicuizon is right. It would be easier and faster that way, besides it's more fun when you travel on your own without worrying about getting stuck in traffic, especially when you are in the city. :)


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