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Kasadya Sa SRP 2013

Kasadya is local tongue for the word amusement. It has been used to describe the activity  being done in the South Road Properties (SRP) in Cebu City. Hence the activity was named Kasadya sa SRP. This activity happens every year starting on the first week of December until the second or third week of February the following year.

Kasadya sa SRP is actually an amusement park composed by rides owned by different individuals gathered just for the activity to happen every year. Only that it's cheaper compared to other amusement parks. Ride admissions may vary from 20 to 50 pesos. I've tried most of the rides in the park and it's a scary and fun filled experience. The rides may look scary at first but it's not really that scary. I've enjoyed it!

An open top Ferry's Wheel, pretty scary. Hahahah!

The view while on the top of the Ferry's Wheel.

Another shot in the right side of the park on the Ferry's Wheel.

The Galactic Ride, looks like a horse cart wheel.

The Twister Ride, feeling dizzy in this ride.

Called the Horror Train but the monsters we're funny.

The old Roller Coaster Ride, felt like I'm gonna fall here.

Galactic Round Up, the second best ride in Kasadya sa SRP.

Looks like an easy ride, but I consider this Spider Ride the best here.

A short range Cable Cart, a little chit-chat and your done. ^^

Ride Admission Fees:
  1. Galactic Ride            -   Php50
  2. Ferry's Wheel           -   Php20
  3. Twister Ride             -   Php25
  4. Horror Train             -   Php25
  5. Roller Coaster          -   Php50
  6. Galactic Round Up   -   Php50
  7. Spider Ride               -   Php40
  8. Cable Car                 -   Php50

You should never miss the Galactic Round Up and Spider Ride if you are into some thrilling experience and the all-time favorite Ferry's Wheel. The feeling that your stomach is going up when the wheel is going down, it's never gone if you've already tried the Ferry's Wheel when you were a kid, scary and fun at the same time.

And if you're really scared on the rides, you can enjoy yourself shooting small figures with a toy gun for Php15 per magazine that contains 12 plastic bullets and win a variety of snack food depending on how many you hit during your shooting session. Pretty fun, I tried hitting 11 figures in one magazine missing only one shot.

Kasadya sa SRP is a must do activity every year. I will definitely do the scary and fun filled experience again. Till then! 

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