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TFN 2013 Year End Review

Twenty Thirteen (2013) has been good to my travels and other activities. Plans were accomplished and I was happy with the result of my travels this year. I didn't expect to do much with a tight budget and also the unfortunate happenings and bad weather in the last quarter of the year. Hope to do the same in the following year but I'll do my best to do more on twenty fourteen (2014). I had a good start, let's see what a brand new year 2014 would bring me.

As for my TFN Bucket List 2013, there are 6 items in the list and I've accomplished 4 items. The 2 items that were not accomplished was item 5 and 6 which are Camotes and Bantayan Island respectively. This was because of the super typhoon Yolanda that hit Northern Cebu and make a big damaged on the two islands. I hope they recover fast because these items will be carried over to TFN Bucket List 2014 that means I have to plan a visit to 2 islands next year, "hopefully". Below is a summary of TFN Bucket List 2013.

These items were done. You can check about the place in each link.

  1. Tingko Beach   » 20 April '13
  2. Kawasan Falls   » 18 May '13
  3. Mountain View Nature's Park   » 24 August '13
  4. TOPS   » 23 November '13

These items will be added to Bucket List 2014

  1. Bantayan Island
  2. Camotes Island

TOP 5 Most Viewed Posts  for the End of 2013
 This list shows the top 5 posts of the last month of the year.

  1.  Beautiful Tingko Beach at Alcoy, Cebu
  2. Nice Little Trip in Mountain View Nature's Park at Busay, Cebu City
  3. Carcar Getaway at Ramos Rest House
  4. Astounding View of Kawasan Falls at Badian, Cebu
  5. Sinulog Celebration Novena Mass at Basilica del Sto. NiƱo

I am hoping for the better in my travels and activities on the coming New Year. 2014, be good to me, "hahahah!"


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