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Jao Island's GV Beach at Talibon, Bohol

My hometown Talibon has less to offer when it comes to tourism but there's one beach on an island nearest to the town that I really like, the GV Beach at Jao Island.

Jao Island is the biggest of the 13 islands of the municipality if I'm not mistaken. It's in front of Talibon port and only a 15-minute ride on a motorboat. And GV Beach is actually the part of the island that faces Talibon port. It has white sand that looks very nice when approaching the island on a motorboat. Though the beach is not really a classy kind of beach, locals still hang out on the place.

The beach is on its best during high tide that the sea even touches the cottages. And I would not suggest going there during low tide because of the condition of the seafloor in the area. It suddenly goes deep because ships regularly pass by the front of the beach making the seafloor going down. This creates a great sea current that's very dangerous for the people swimming. So better watch the children swimming and those who don't know how to swim because the sea current is still there even in high tide.

Got some nice photos below, comment and share the post if you like it! Thanks for visiting!

Approaching Jao Island.

We're getting nearer!

Almost there, the place looks beautiful.

First things first, pictorial. ^^

Jump shot at the sand bar.

Jordan jump shot here, nice!

Jump baby, jump! Hahaha!

Love the cloud formation, so got a shot of it.

A very hot day, look that, isn't it hot? ^^

Caught this little octopus in a shell. ^^ Yummy!

Baby's looking for small shells.

Here's what my baby got, small shells.

Captured another sea creature. Hahaha! A variety of squid, they call it "buku-buku".

First time to see a crab like this, got a quick shot. Cute!
Just a little experiment with my phone camera. Nice!

A shot at the right side of the beach.

Afternoon shot, the sun is going down. Great view!

Baby having a post with the late afternoon sky. ^^


Pump boat: 10 pesos
Entrance: 10 pesos
Cottage: 150 pesos (small), 200 pesos (big)


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