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Be Close to Nature in Argao Nature Park at Argao, Cebu

The Argao Nature Park is just one of the known places in Argao, Cebu. It's a must-see and experience place in the town. It's actually my second time in the Nature Park. My first was 3 years ago if I am not mistaken. The park was not that nice looking then. But good thing we dropped by before going home from Al's place. There's a lot of development in the park. Including the activities that can be done there.

Aside from sightseeing, they now have Zipline, though it's not that long. I call it a shout and shut-up zipline because it's short you can't continue the thrill and shouting. There's also a Canopy Walk now, I think it's 100 meters from the ground, and part of it is a hanging wooden footbridge that slightly swings when someone walks on it (thrill). Another activity to do is Boating in the lagoon, I suggest you try it because it really is fun. And lastly, the Wall Climbing, the wall's height is as high as a two or three-story building.

And if you got yourself tired after the activities, you can have an hour of body massage still located inside the nature park. A really nice idea!

I tried the Canopy Walk and Boating. I really had a great time sightseeing on the Canopy Walk and rowing the plastic boat. I wanted to try also wall climbing but unfortunately, the time is short. I'll try it next time.

Argao Nature Park entrance.

Canopy walk at the nature park.

Hanging wooden footbridge.

Hanging wooden footbridge shot.

Me at the hanging wooden footbridge of the canopy walk.

Some lilies here.

A shot of the bridge on the lagoon while boating.

A girl experiencing the shout turn shut up a zipline. Heheheh.

Mardave, Merry Cris, and Dale were stuck in the middle of the lagoon.

Smiling or angry'.

Milo here, a civet.

Ohh lovely, lovebird. ^^

An eagle here, a serious one.

Now look who's sleeping?

A kiosk in the middle of the Nature Park.

Kiosk for those who need shade.

Right after the very nice experience at Argao Nature Park, we headed for Chitang's store to buy some pasalubong. Chitang's specializes in making torta, Argao's known delicacy.

Chitang's pasalubong delicacies.

Chitang's best torta.

Getting There:

How to get to Argao Nature Park?
From Cebu South Terminal, ride a bus bound for Argao or beyond the close town. It's around 1 and a half hours of travel. Just tell the fare collector of the bus that you're going off in Argao Nature Park, fare collectors usually know the places people go to see, or if your not sure that the fare collector knows the place, get off at the first bus stop in Argao instead and you can a tricycle there going to the park.


Bus: 80 pesos (aircon bus)
Tricycle: 7 pesos
Entrance: 5 pesos
Zipline: 30 pesos
Canopy Walk: 10 pesos
Boating: 10 pesos
Wall Climbing: 30 pesos
Massage: 100 pesos (full body)


The rates, contact details and other information indicated in this post are accurate from the time of writing but may change without TheBiyahero.ph's notice. Should you know any updated information regarding this post, please message us on Facebook.

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