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A Quite Afternoon at Asia Town IT Park

Here's a quiet afternoon in Asia Town IT Park located in Lahug, Cebu City. I was waiting for my GF to go out from work at SkyRise 4 building.

I was bored in while waiting for here so I got some shots of the buildings in the surroundings. I got the i1, i2, TGU Tower, SkyRise 3, and a newly constructed condo tower in the area.

The area is surrounded by restos and fast food stores so there won't be any problem searching for food.

The place is nice for an afternoon break with friends on the vacant grounds. The air is refreshing with the trees around. A great place to hangout.

Here are the shots from the area:

i1, i2, and TGU Tower on the ground ..^^

The new condo tower still under construction.

SkyRise 3 building, Qual Fone on the top floors.

The place is more beautiful during the night with the lights in the surrounding establishments glitters in the darkness.

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